Thomas Fuchs

Akwaaba: A summer in Africa

Thomas Fuchs
Stuttgart: Thienemann, 2006
348 S.
ISBN 978-3-522-17755-9

For a mere 71 Euro the 16 year old Josephine bought the Ghanaian village Srafa on eBay and wants to give it to her sister Liv as a birthday gift. But Liv who is twelve years older than Josephine and a successful business woman with a hair salon, finds the gag silly and rejects the gift. Josephine on the other hand, who is interested in the sensational purchase, is harassed by the press. She is surprised by a visit from Malcolm, the son of the village chief, who is upset by his father's idea to attract investors to Srafa, wants to cancel the transaction and even engages a lawyer.

Josephine, however, is upset by Malcolm's arrogance and decides to offer "her" village private development aid. With the help of her class mates she collects money to buy a solar energy plant which is shipped to Ghana. And then opportunity strikes: As a star hairdresser Liv can go to Togo und Ghana on the promotional tour of a hair product company and gets to take her little sister along for free as a hair model!

Josephine allows herself to be used as a model in an expensive hotel in Lomé, then she disappears and travels with Malcolm to Accra and finally to Srafa. There she is confronted by the contradictory and not always pleasant reality of the African country and its people, with the authority of the chief, the displayed wealth of the Dorsan family, with corruption, and theft, but also with strong women, the seamstress, Cindy - und more and more with Malcolm with whom she falls in love. Their relationship is not without conflict, and when Josephine returns to Germany everything seems to be over. But Josephine’s story with Ghana und with Malcolm will continue…

Thomas Fuchs:
Akwaaba: Ein Sommer in Afrika
(Akwaaba: A summer in Africa)

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