Rupert Neudeck

The Power of Africa:
Why the Continent is not yet lost

Rupert Neudeck
München: Beck, 2010
254 S.
ISBN 978-3-406-59857-9

After a concise historical summary about colonialism and slavery, Neudeck concentrates on the past and present roles of the Catholic Church and its missionary activities in Africa before presenting German colonialism and German Africa politics since 1945. Up to the present day, there appears to be "no true awareness of Africa" in the German public sphere.

In the second part, Neudeck draws up a negative balance sheet of postcolonial Africa and devotes the longest part of the chapter to the development of the African elite's lust for power and wealth and political leaders’ lack of responsibility, which he sees as the main reason for poverty in Africa.

In the third part, Neudeck returns to Europe and calls for a "completely new development policy for Africa". Existing development aid has "encouraged inefficiency and corruption and financed and established corrupt rulers". He devotes much time to the discussion of the "Bonn Appeal for a different development policy" of 2008, having himself signed the document. Only in the last ten pages does Neudeck return to the actual theme of his book. Africa's power lies in the rootedness of Africans in spirits, ancestors and family, in the ability to forgive and the strength of women, but above all, in the ability to survive the most adverse conditions. "On these people and their commitment, on new initiatives from the bottom, rests the power of Africa. With them a better future can be attained – in Africa’s own way". How this is supposed to happen is not

Rupert Neudeck: Die Kraft Afrikas
Warum der Kontinent noch nicht verloren ist
(The Power of Africa:
Why the Continent is not yet lost)

Rupert Neudeck manages one of the best known humanitarian organisations in Germany and has provided disaster aid in several regions of the world, including Africa.More ...