Rolf Ackermann

The Missing Caravan

Rolf Ackermann
München: Knaur, 2010
429 S.
ISBN 978-3-426-63721-0

The adventurer, Peter Föllmer, receives a part of a mysterious map from his friend, the former Franciscan monk, Charles Bahri. Shortly afterwards, Bahri dies a gruesome death. The search for the meaning of the map, takes Föllmer from Germany to Egypt, Venice and Lake Tana in Ethiopia. On his journey, he meets the young Ethiopian girl, Jahzara. Attracted by her flawless beauty, Föllmer discovers that Jahzara was also an acquaintance of Bahri’s and that he had also given her a part of the map before his death. Only the two documents together can unlock the riddle of the map’s meaning and Föllmer and Jahzara have to pursue the quest together as a team. As Peter feels himself more and more drawn to Jahzara, his relationship with his partner, Yvonne, starts crumbling and finally she flies back to Germany on her own. 

Föllmer and Jahzara get closer and closer to solving the puzzle of a missing caravan that may have transported not only precious stones and jewels but possibly also the legendary Ark of the Covenant. In the meantime, the people responsible for Bahri’s death are close on their heels. The small band of radical Islamists will not shrink from anything. They threaten Föllmer and Jahzara and kidnap Yvonne to prevent them from solving the meaning of the documents and to discover the whereabouts of the missing caravan.

    Rolf Ackermann: Die verschollene Karawane
    (The Missing Caravan)

    Rolf Ackermann chose Africa as a setting for this novel. However, the combination of several settings on different continents means that this is not a typical Africa novel.More ...