Hannelore Bühler

This side of Africa

Hannelore Bühler
Münster: Verlag Tebbert, 1997
436 S.
ISBN 3-932508-41-6

Michael leaves his wife Irene one afternoon and settles with his mistress Gloria. Gloria married to Ralf, abandons the latter despite the nine years they have spent together. She accuses him of never being present when she needed him, she who is a woman in search of affectionate security. The new couple Michael-Gloria live in a love relationship which was born some time earlier in Africa. In fact, it is in the Algerian town of Ghardaia that the two met during a safari. It is thus in this town that were established the bases to this love which grew and was consolidated in Germany due to an effort of understanding displayed by Michael and Gloria.

    Hannelore Bühler: Diesseits von Afrika
    (This side of Africa)

    Bühler's novel can be read as a juxtaposed presentation of two societies different by their structure and the repercussions that it provokes in the life of individuals.More ...