Eberhard Knorr

    The flight towards Africa

    Eberhard Knorr
    Berlin: Frieling, 1997
    255 S.
    ISBN 3-8280-0450-4
    (Original paperback edition)

    Ann Gopal, an attractive young woman, is exasperated by the excessive sexual desires of the husband, the psychiatrist Kalinaw. That is why she leaves him and takes refuge at Orlando Andrey's, a friend of her husband leading a withdrawn life in the mountains of Sierra Nevada. Orlando is a wealthy geologists who has undertaken a study on the potentials of primates. He breeds in his estate, a gorilla called Amandus, born eleven years ago in a zoological garden in California.

    Ten months after the departure of his wife, Doctor Kalinaw hires Timo Hook, a slightly silly mastodon that he meets in a local pub and assigns to him the mission of finding Ann. Meanwhile Orlando and Ann, who have the intention to bring back the gorilla to its natural habitat, leave California hurriedly for Africa. They are followed by Timo Hook as well as Kalinaw, to South Africa, to Zambia, to Namibia and to Mozambique. Timo undertakes this journey not on account of the doctor, but for his personal interest, for he too has fallen in the love with the beautiful Ann.

    This journey ends with the sudden death of Amandus, the gorilla which occurred in an ambush in Mozambique. This disappearance calms the eagerness of everyone putting an end to their respective projects. Nevertheless, this journey was the opportunity for each one of the five protagonists to form an idea about Africa.

      Eberhard Knorr: Flucht nach Afrika
      (The flight towards Africa)

      Knorr's work, "The flight towards Africa" can be read as a re-questioning of a materialistic world in excess, consequently as the rehabilitation of a world of souls where the spiritual dimension of man prevails.More ...