Corinne Hofmann: Die weiße Massai

Accompanied by her fiancé, the narrator sojourns for four years in a Massai village of Kenya. Not being able to resist the charm of the Massai warrior Lketinga, the heroine breaks her engagement on her return to Switzerland, quits her job, leaves her family and friends and marries Lketinga with whom she settles in the countryside in Kenya.

    Auma Obama: Das Leben kommt immer dazwischen

    Barack Obama's sister tells about her childhood and youth, her student years in Germany and her life in England before her return to Kenya. The story of her family, particularly her father's story, is central to the narrative.

    Hanna Schott (Text), Franziska Junge (Illustrationen): Tuso

    Tuso and his older brother Daudi, live with their aunt in a village at the foot of Kilimanjaro. The aunt does not treat her two nephews well. One night, Daudi decides to leave for the town along with Tuso. They make their way to the closest city.

      Fritz Wildhagen: Afrika kam durch die Luft

      In 1907, the painter Fritz Wildhagen undertakes a journey to East Africa. The starting point of this determinative journey is Germany with final destination Mombassa via Port-Said, Zanzibar and Dar Es–Salaam. The journey of the artist, Wildhagen is consequent upon an invitation from the secretary in charge of colonial affairs Dernburg who expects Wildhagen to produce paintings of the African fauna and flora during the journey.

        Stefanie Zweig: Vivian und Ein Mundvoll Erde

        “A Mouth Full of Earth” is the first African novel of the best seller author Stefanie Zweig. Vivian is an orphan and lives with her father alone in Kenya. Nevertheless there are many similarities to Stefanie Zwieg's biography. The author confirms among others that she herself is also bound by a close childhood friendship and infantile love with a young kikuyu, as implied in “A Mouth Full of Earth”.

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