Rebekka Agbono-Puntigam: Warum hast Du mich jetzt geküsst?

The author's autobiographical book is published under a pseudonym and describes an 'African -Experience' in Austria in the 1990 s : The first-narrator is in her mid-30 and lives alone as a bookseller. Through personal contact to Emeka, the Nigerian friend of a cusomer, her mistrust and curiosity towards him changed into a mutual affection which finally ends in marriage.

    Ilona Maria Hilliges: Die weiße Hexe

    Illona Maria Hilliges' autobiography describes the relationship of a German woman with two Nigerian men, who contrarily couldn't be: At the age of 19 she gets to know the first, John, in Munich. During a professional further training in London, she meets her great love. Victor. He is of british and nigerian origin, his father is king and an oil milliardaire in Nigeria, his mother an English noble.

      Christoph Meckel: Dunkler Weltteil

      In poetic notes, the poet and illustrator Christoph Meckel remembers his journey to Africa in the mid-1960s. It is moreover a homage to Ulli Beier who died in 2011 and who recognized the complex and picturesque Yoruba culture as a great cultural heritage in a period where Germany’s knowledge of Africa was still limited to Albert Schweitzer and a few jungle clichés.

      Michael Obert: Regenzauber

      Michael Obert spent seven months travelling along Africa’s third longest river, the Niger, entirely on his own – 4200 km, from its source along the crescent of the Niger in the Sahel to the delta in the Gulf of Benin. He crosses all kinds of obstacles, always aiming to sail the whole river from well to its mouth.

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