Eberhard Knorr: Flucht nach Afrika

Ann Gopal, an attractive young woman, is exasperated by the excessive sexual desires of the husband, the psychiatrist Kalinaw. That is why she leaves him and takes refuge at Orlando Andrey's, a friend of her husband leading a withdrawn life in the mountains of Sierra Nevada.

    Nasrin Siege: Sombo, das Mädchen vom Fluss

    Twelve year old Sombo tells about her everyday life in a traditional village. Sombo’s father hunts, her mother farms with corn and vegetables. The girls catch fish in the river and are afraid of crocodiles; they take care of their younger brothers and sisters but they also go to school and are a little in love with their teacher like girls all over the world.

      Ruth Weiss: Wege im harten Gras

      Ruth Weiss, born in 1924 as Ruth Löwenthal in Fürth, was driven out of Germany by the Nazis with her family and came to South Africa in 1936. Here she grew up and later, as journalist for European and African media, she documented the turbulent developments in Southern Africa from the 1940’s until the end of Apartheid. She became a fearless fighter who, in solidarity with black South Africans, stood up against racism and Apartheid.

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