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International Coproduction Fund (IKF)

The International Coproduction Fund (IKF) supports coproductions worldwide that grow out of collaborative and dialogue-based working processes in the fields of music, dance, theatre and performance art. We use this fund to promote innovative productions and international cultural exchange as well as new approaches to intercultural collaboration and networking.

Bee Dances Photo by Saki Tagami

Funding for international collaboration projects

Conditions of Funding

Professional performing artists, ensembles and initiatives in Germany and non-German-speaking countries in the fields of theatre, dance, music and performance art with insufficient means of their own to realize an international coproduction

In particular, we welcome applications for funding from developing and transition countries.

The IKF provides funding for international coproductions that are likely to be of high artistic calibre and to have some impact on the respective arts scene. Hybrid and interdisciplinary formats and the use of digital media may be important elements of these coproductions. Collective artistic development of the project is a prerequisite, which is the reason why we don’t provide funding for projects that involve nothing but guest performances, tours or appearances at festivals.

  • The projects for which funding is requested must centre on the performing arts (no exclusively film- or exhibition-based projects).
  • Calibre of the project
  • Standing of the participating artists in their performing arts scene
  • Budget showing own/third-party funding and a sound financial plan
  • Balanced project partnership, artistic collaboration
  • At least one performance outside of Germany and, if possible, in Germany, too
  • Project period should not exceed 24 months.

Applications to the International Coproduction Fund must be submitted online in English.
Please note that proof of contact with the respective Goethe-Institut abroad must be provided for the application.

This blank application form provides an overview of the breakdown of the online form: Please read the explanatory notes and run down the checklist before submitting your application After introducing the project idea to the local Goethe-Institut abroad, this form should be completed, signed and submitted with the application:

The applicant or first coproducer must be an artist or ensemble from a non-German-speaking country. They are to serve as the main contact for the project, conclude the agreement with the local Goethe-Institut and manage the grant money. The applicant may be an individual or a legal entity (company, association etc.).

IKF funding requires collaboration between at least two parties, one of whom must be an artist or ensemble from Germany. Involving third parties and other coproducers is not a prerequisite for coproduction funding, but does improve your chances of obtaining a grant. We deliberately use "coproducer" in a broad sense: what is decisive is that a coproducer should make a substantial contribution to the production.

Contacting the local Goethe-Institut in the applicant's country is an obligatory requirement for submitting a funding application. If there is no Goethe-Institut in the applicant's country, please search for the nearest institute on our website under locations and contact our colleagues there.

Incomplete and late project applications cannot be considered.

For enquiries about pending or previous applications, make sure to give us your application number.

Please take note of our privacy policy.

Next application deadline

New to the Application Process: For 2024, it is possible to submit applications throughout the year. 

The application portal will be opened on 02 January and it is possible to submit applications until 01 September 2024 at 23:59h (CET - time in Germany).   

Funding will be available for projects that start in 2024 and have a project duration of a maximum of 24 months. Please note that your project application must be submitted at least three months before the start of the project. 


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International Coproduction Fund (IKF)


You’re expected to present your production at least once abroad, ideally in the country where the production process actually took place. It does not have to be presented in Germany. Our IKF prioritizes productions that are presented in at least two different countries.

We don’t fund commercial projects, those exclusively involving film production or exhibitions without any performative approach. We don’t provide funding to cover ongoing operating costs either.

Above all, by complying with the basic conditions for the approval of funding: through active teamwork between the partners in the development and realization of the project, a collaboration on equal terms, the guarantee of co-financing (through own and/or third-party funds), as well as transparent cost planning. It is also a plus if the topic is time-related or socially relevant and/or if the work is interdisciplinary. 

Putting potential collaborators in touch with one another is not the IKF’s job. But on the Goethe-Institut website you’ll find information about the German scene and about projects funded in the past. You can also contact the local Goethe-Institut abroad.

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