Civil rights and public life

Frequently-asked questions – Civil rights and public life

There is a major public holiday in my religion. Does my child still have to go to school?

In some federal states you can exempt your child from lessons for religious feast days. Ask the teachers.

I would like to work for the integration council. What can I do?

You can find more information about this from the integration council office in your town or city and from the Federal Council of Immigration and Integration, from Migration advice for adult immigrants and from the youth migration services.

I have legal problems. Who can help me?

The youth migration services help children and young adults up to the age of 27. Migration advice for adult immigrants helps adults. You can also contact a legal advice centre.

As an asylum seeker, where can I meet my compatriots?

Please refer to support networks and refugee initiatives in your area. These can be found in the “Help” section under “Addresses for refugees: Support networks and initiatives”.

You can also get involved in an association. For more information, please contact your local city administration.

How do I find churches/mosques/synagogues and religious communities in my area?

You can find out more information about this at city hall or at Migration Advice.

More questions? Contact the advisors at the Youth Migration Services.