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Meal kits

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Do you know this situation? You want to cook something delicious for your family or friends, but then you are missing an important ingredient. Unfortunately, the stores are already closed.

In the January article of "Presse und Sprache" there is a solution to this problem: "Meal kits". Find out which meal kits are available and read more about why meal kits can make cooking at home more relaxed and easier.

In the easy reading text with word explanations (for Level A2 GER and up) and listening text we get material for exciting discussions about the new trend of meal kits. Perhaps also a topic for your German lessons?
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We hope you and your participants enjoy reading and practicing German!

Cooking is best with a meal kit - isn't it?
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Hotel Mama

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What do you think: When it comes to leaving your childhood home, which group, statistically, is more likely to continue living with their parents, i.e. in the "Hotel Mama", young women or men? At least in Germany, the answer is clear.

In the December article of "Presse und Sprache" we once again focus on the topic of housing. Find out if you guessed right and read more about the topic of when young people in Germany leave their parents' house.

The easy reading text with word explanations (for level A2 GER and up) and listening comprehension with exercises and suggested solutions will certainly provide material for lively discussions and interesting international comparisons.
Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache

We wish you and your participants a pleasant and instructive read!

There’s no place like home - right?
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A tiny house in the face of high rents

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Living in the city centre, enjoying a view over the skyline - very few people can afford this dream. High rents and a housing shortage are a challenge known to all major cities in Germany.

Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache
In the November edition of "Presse und Sprache", we meet a young man who makes this dream come true in a very unconventional way. His little house has been placed on many roofs in different big cities in the past years. But he has to move quite often...

dgsdg sdggsdg Let’s learn more about him and his unusual living concept in the easy reading text with word explanations (for level A2 GER and up) and the listening comprehension with exercises and suggested solutions. Perhaps an exciting topic for one of your lessons, too?

We hope you and your students enjoy the read!
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A day at the Berlin Wall

Ein Tag an der Berliner Mauer ©Adobe Stock
October 3 is German Unity Day. The occasion is German reunification: the end of the division of Germany into two states. As we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of German reunification, there aren't many traces left of the wall that ran across the the city of Berlin for 28 years. In some places, however, the memory comes alive.

Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache
The October article by „Presse und Sprache" takes you and your students to a special place in Berlin where visitors can experience what everyday life in the shadow of the Berlin Wall felt like.

In the easy reading text with word explanations (for level A2 GER an up) and the listening comprehension with exercises and suggested solutions, we find out where this place is located and what visitors can expect there. The material can be used in class as usual.

We wish you an exciting read, a happy holiday and much success in class!
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The Japanese Yodeller

Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache
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How yodelling enthusiast Takeo Ishi turned his passion into his profession – and what that has to do with his favourite animal: find out in our September issue of "Presse und Sprache", which recounts a most peculiar professional history.

Just in time for Oktoberfest – which, alas, can’t be held this year – our easy-reading article (for German levels A2 and up), with challenging vocabulary explained, and our listening comprehension passage, with exercises and suggested solutions, tell the riveting story of a very special exponent of this traditional Alpine form of singing. As usual, the material can be used in class.

So have fun with the article! And yodelayheehoo!
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Greetings from Italy – the postcard celebrates its birthday

Postkarten © Adobe Stock
We use it to send holiday and birthday greetings or to simply say "thank you": the postcard is an indispensable part of our everyday life. When did this colourful photo greeting actually come into existence? What is the secret of its success? And why were there also critical voices at the beginning of its path?

Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache
This August, "Presse und Sprache" takes us on a journey into the history of the postcard. The easy reading text with word explanations (from A2 GER) and the listening text with exercises and suggested solutions can be used in class.

Want to get a taster subscription of "Presse und Sprache"? Find more info in the reading text underneath the exercises.

So, when was the last time you sent a postcard?
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Balcony Bingo and open Gardens

Nachbarschaftshilfe © Adobe Stock
Solidarity in the neighbourhood at the time of the Corona crisis: In recent months, many projects and initiatives have been setting examples for what this can look like. Support groups for shopping, for instance, when you cannot go out on your own for health reasons.

What other forms of neighbourhood help are there? How does balcony bingo work, for example, and what prize can you win? And what exactly is facade cinema?
Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache

 "Presse und Sprache" is providing us with material from its July edition containing the answers to these questions. It consist of an easy reading text with word explanations (from A2 GER) on the topic of sticking together in the corona crisis. The text can also be used in class as a listening exercise with a work sheet and suggested solutions.

We hope you’ll enjoy using this in your class!

Fest der Fantasie - Magical night in the botanical garden in Berlin

Fest der Fantasie Presse und Sprache
For the past 11 years a special event has been taking place in the botanical garden in Berlin, and it’s always a magical experience for visitors.

This year is no exception: the Fest der Fantasie will be celebrated there again in July.
The following text – which can be used as a German teaching resource from Level A2 – gives an account of when it kicks off, what exactly happens at the event, and what you can see and experience there.
Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache
The text and exercises are taken from the July edition of “Presse und Sprache”.
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200 Years of Theodor Fontane

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Anyone attending school in Germany is in all probability going to encounter a work by Theodor Fontane in their German classes.
This year we celebrate his 200th birthday. As well as the novel “Effi Briest”, many students particularly remember the poem entitled “Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland” – because they had to learn it by heart. A particularly beautifully illustrated version read by the actor Otto Sander can be found on YouTube. Some students have shown that a completely different take on “Squire von Ribbeck” is possible – they’ve turned it into Rip Rap Ribbeck. It’s perfect for acting out and rapping along.

Presse und Sprache Presse und Sprache
Presse und Sprache” has provided us with the following material containing an easy reading passage with word explanations (from Level A2 GER) about the life of Theodor Fontane. The text can also be used as a listening comprehension with exercises.
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Here’s a quotation that’s essential for all students of German as they progress along their learning path:

Wer aufhört Fehler zu machen, lernt nichts mehr dazu

Theodor Fontane

If you stop making mistakes, you stop learning…
Wishing you every success in your learning!

The Bauhaus

Das Bauhaus feiert 100. Geburtstag © adobe.stock
100 years ago Walter Gropius started the Bauhaus movement in Weimar. This anniversary in 2019 is not just being celebrated in Germany but in many places around the world – and that’s because of the huge global influence this art school still has today on architecture and design, and the way we think about them.  
German teachers – if you’d like to use Bauhaus as one of your topics for GFL/GSL lessons, you might find the following resources helpful.

You will also find this passage with word explanations, which has been provided by Schünemann-Verlag, in the May edition of “Presse und Sprache”.
The simple listening passage that can be used from Level A2 (GER) approaches the history of Bauhaus in three sections:
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The exercises include tasks to be done before, during and after reading, with the answers at the end.

The resources are free to use and copy for your own lessons.
We wish you every success!