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Project presentation
in Buenos Aires

In June 2022, Sheroes in Games presented itself at the C3 in Buenos Aires, by panels on the topic of women and video game development, on professions and players in the gaming scene as well as a video games expo showcasing a selection of outstanding games developed by women.

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Welcome words


  • Philipp Herzog, German Embassy in Buenos Aires, Head of political affairs
  • Friso Maecker, Goethe-Instituts Buenos Aires, Director
  • Julieta Lombardelli & María Lujan Oulton, Sheroes in Games project coordinators

Keynote speaker: Micaela Mantegna

I don't belong here: lies told to us by the impostor syndrome
Micaela Mantegna

Video recording

Professions in the video game industry

Moderator: Valeria Colombo
Speakers: Laura Palavecino (Argentina), Sandra Rozo (Colombia), Rafaella Moraes (Brazil), Anais Tello Lumbreras (Peru) und Consuelo Gil Gira (Chile).    

Video recording

The future of STEAM. Redefining technologies, stereotypes and professions

Moderator: Julieta Lombardelli
Speakers: Gabriela Cicalese (Image Campus), Valeria Edelsztein (Científicas de Acá), Mara Dalponte Ayastuy (LIFIA), Paula Coto (Chicas en Tecnología), Ana Laura Sosa Orrantia (Globant) and Marisa Conde (GENIATEKA).

Video recording

Sheroes in Games. How to teach video games and bridge the gender gap

Speakers: Julieta Lombardelli and María Luján Oulton (Sheroes in Games).

Video recording

Video Game Show

The exhibition showcases a selection of video games developed by women over the last decade in various geographical locations. It provides a snapshot of the great diversity of topics and aesthetics that emerge when women engage in the industry and create their own projects. Visitors will have a chance to see games developed with deep social commitment, experimental narratives, new aesthetic proposals, and sensitive and emotional themes.

  • Ulitsa Dimitrova by Lea Schönfelder (Russia, 2010)
  • Rainy Day by Thais Weiller (Brazil, 2016) 
  • Sola by Agustina Isidori (Argentina/Canada, 2018)
  • Nanopesos by Camila Gormaz (Chile, 2019) 
  • Before I forget by 3-Fold games (Chella Ramanan and Claire Morwood, England, 2020)
  • Mar encantado by Laura Palavecino (Argentina, 2021)  
  • SOMN by Linn Spitz (Switzerland, 2021) 
  • Consume me by Jenny Jiao Hsia (China/USA, 2018)