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Building together

Building Together, Workshop 1 © Nestor Boli Galindo

"Together" is not only the motto of Plovdiv - the European Capital of Culture 2019. It also reflects the mission of the project "Building Together" of the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria with its partners. The project is based on the idea of ​​German architects and artists Martin Kaltwasser and Maik Ronz. They are convinced that shared vision and working together directly connects people. They developed the concept of bringing communities together through architectural workshops and initiatives: children, students, bulgarians, roma and turkish communities in the various districts of Plovdiv. Geographically, the idea of ​​"building together" stretches from Stolipinovo to the Youth Hill.

The Goethe-Institut has taken over the implementation of the project in cooperation with organizations and artists from Bulgaria, in partnership with the Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019.

Building Together – Children`s city

The “Architectural Workshop for Children” will take care of the children`s program from the project “Building Together”. A Team of architects, led by Magdalina Rajeva and Anna Kalinova, will guide the children`s architectural journey from a dream school to a City of Children. Maggie and Anni believe that architecture has an important role in the educational process. It stimulates creative thinking, technical skills, physical activity and teamwork – a diverse spectrum only few other disciplines can cover.

In the following months, the Youth Hill in Plovdiv will become a “Childrens’ City” – designed after children’s ideas and built by themselves. The “Architectural Workshop for Children” will offer a number of workshops for children of different ages. With the help of architects and entirely ecological and recycled materials, they will be able to build various temporary structures on the Youth Hill. From benches to small pavilions which will become a playground, but also the embodiment/realisation of their ideas of what a real city of children looks like.

Building Together – Learning from Stolipinovo

"Atelie3” are the architects Donika Georgieva, Miroslav Velkov and Dessislava Kovacheva and they will show us how we can "build together". Over the next 6 months, they will host a series of urban and architectural workshops where participants can experience what it really means to work together and learn from each other.

When we talk about Stolipinovo, we usually overlook the various crafts and skillful craftsmen, working there. Together with them the architects of "Atelie-3" will organize a series of open workshops in which various structures, urban furniture, facilities for children and small interventions will get built. Participants in the workshops will be the residents of Stolipinovo, as well as all who want to join in "building together", develop their own ideas of alternative architecture and, with the help of the craftsmen, try and expand their skills.


"Building Together" is a project by the German artists Martin Kaltwasser and Maik Ronz. The project is organized by the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria. Main partner: Atelie-3, Architectural Workshop for Children, Plovdiv 2019. With the support of the Wilo Foundation.