Second Architecture Workshop in Stolipinovo

Workshop in Stolipinovo, April © Nestor Boli Galindo

We started "Building Together"

We met the craftsmen in Stolipinovo. We walked through their workshops and they introduced us to their work. We told them about our ideas to look for a new life for old doors, windows and furniture, to make the urban environment more enjoyable and attractive.
We began working together on 13th and 14th of April 2019 with the transformation of an old door into an artistic installation. First, we harnessed our creative imagination to figure out what we want to achieve. The next step was the careful cleaning of the door – by hand and with the angle grinder. The sizing and assembly of a door frame followed. Above all we worked together and enjoyed our time at the workshop of Berul in Stolipinovo.

Coming soon “The Door” in Plovdiv! Perhaps on your street?

„Building Together“ continues on 11th and 12th of May 2019

At the second architectural workshop in Stolipinovo we will continue to use old wooden doors and windows, lots of imagination and masterly skills to transform them into benches, tables and tripods. We will work in the workshops of Berul and Zdravko. We will sand, assemble and paint, we will work and have fun together.

What else will be done?

We will gather ideas on how to further improve the urban environment. We`ll walk around the neighbourhood and ask people what they need. We will challenge our imagination on how to reuse the old furniture.

If you would like to participate please contact us at
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