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The media landscape in North Macedonia is far from establishing independence and short of proffessional standarts. One of the issues it tries to combat is the greater presence of newer media that cannot be classified in an concrete media area.

Another current issue in North Macedonia is the lack of young reporters who would like to dedicate their work to minorities and social issues.

Hence, Goethe-Institute Skopje, in collaboration with the Balkan Institute for Regional Cooperation, is developing a training program for young journalists, which is to include both theoretical and practical modules. The aim is to analyse in depth the bias against minorities, as well as help eliminate the prejudices against them in the long term.

In addition, the project would like the participants to not only strive for a career in an existing media, but also to create their own, based on real professional principles.

WHEN: 10.05.2021 – 14.05.2021

WHERE: BIRC-office, Tetovo (Depending on the COVID situation, the trainings might be hold on the online platform ZOOM)


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