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Although “Gypsy” figures and motifs have been an integral part of film language and thus our cultural heritage for over 120 years, antiziganism in film is a field that has not yet been explored.

Therefore, as part of the Media Incubator 2021, the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria is planning a three-day workshop in October focused on the representation of minorities - especially Roma - in audiovisual media.

The workshop will consist of two parts - a theoretical and a practical one. In the theoretical part, the participants will be presented with the latest findings from the Antiziganism Research Center at the Department of History at Heidelberg University, based on Radmila Mladenova’s research on over 120 feature films and 35 documentaries throughout history.

In the practical part, the participants will be creating short movies themselves and discuss in a group the ethics and tools when representation minorities.

The aim of the training is to raise awareness about the continuities of antigypsy constructions and show participants how even a simple change in perspective, lighting, camera settings, etc. can play a central role in how we represent characters in the audiovisual world.

The workshops will be also accompanied by a movie program.

WHEN: October 2nd - October 7th, 2021


Yuliana Metodieva, Radmila Mladenova und Maria Milkova Goethe Institut
Rossalina, Eliza und Nataliya Goethe Institut
Lyudmila Zhivkova, Peter Nestler, Cheresheva Goethe Institut
Kremena Budinova, Garo Barakian Goethe Institut

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