Virtual Sweat?

2032 Olympics
© DOON 東

Where the Olympic Games will take place in year 2032 is still uncertain: Melbourne is thinking of making an application, but also Shanghai dallies with the idea of letting the games take place in their city. Most of the athletes that participate in the Olympic Games 2032 are probably just starting their sportscareer with finding their own feet or have not long ago thrown a ball in kindergarden.

But will the Olympic Games of the future, with their athletes  contesting for medals, be comparable to the games we are used to and experience in Brazil? How will technology act a part, that already allows us to complement and  improve the skills of our body but also to connect and optimize our corporeal data?Will athletes and spectators still sit in a stadium collectively, or will the Olympic Games 2032 even take place in the internet, in Shanghai or Melbourne with sprinters running on treadmills, or on tracks and volleyballcourts in Virtual Reality? Will the sport of the future also be called hurdling, swimming and judo?

Nowadays, for many people sport seems to be an ideal retreat in order to escape from the digital world, into the world of the physical, sweat and human nature.  But there is much to be said for the fact that things cannot stay as they were. What will sports look like in the future? And what about future Olympic Games?