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Debate not Argue

DNA stands for Debate, not Argue, which is the goal of this project. We want to create an environment where we can exchange opinions and discuss; not fight over who is right or wrong.

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What is DNA?

With the Erasmus+ project Debate not Argue, we address the inadequacies of hybrid work approaches when engaging youth, mistrust in politics, and a lack of understanding of the values of the European Union. We aim to increase capacities, develop new methods of working with youth, create and field-test practical methods for recognizing and disproving fake news and misinformation.

The project is a partnership of six organizations, who gather educators, leaders, and engaged citizens to debate and share experiences. Through this collaboration, we are organizing international workshops for young people and creating various educational materials. From podcast series through videos to methodologies, we are coming up with many ideas to promote the topics of this project and to create a society where we can debate, not argue.

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Debate Your Issue

Encourage and inspire your fellow citizens to find their way of expressing themselves, engage and involve them in exchanging ideas locally, nationally and in the EU level. Critical exchange of ideas is essential.


Jugend debattiert in Mittel-, Ost- und Südosteuropa

Good debates are a prerequisite for a lively democracy and a successful community not only in Europe. Together instead of against each other.