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Festival for VR and Dance

Golem-Labor is an international series of workshops organized by the Goethe-Institut that brings together contemporary dance and mixed reality technologies: 2020 in Prague and 2021 in Riga, Tel Aviv and Bogotá. 


Golem-Labor© Goethe-Institut Prag | Dostálkovy

Golem-Labor explores interdisciplinary and transnationally the interface of art and technology, man and machine, physical and virtual reality. 

Dancers and choreographers work together with XR-artists and experts on research tasks and a performance. The results will flow into the next laboratories continuing in 2021. From this research, a virtual database of international movements will be created. 

Golem-Labor emerged out of a predecessor transnational performance “Golem”. The dancework pioneered using motion capture technology to stage a dance live onstage and live in VR viewable from anywhere around the world. “Golem” was created by Carly Lave in collaboration with gamelab.berlin of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Hochschule Kaiserslautern Virtual Design, Ghunghru Sounds, and supported by the U.S. Fulbright Program, Fulbright Commission Germany, Stanford University and private sponsors.

Concept and implementation: Goethe-Institut Tschechien, Carly Lave, Thomas Lilge
Research concept: Thomas Lilge, Carly Lave, gamelab.berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Matters of Activity  
Initial performance and workshop concept: Carly Lave
Project management: Teresa Weiser

Golem-Labor in Bogotá


Workshop: 24.-25.11.2021 
Mozilla Hubs event: 6.12.2021

Golem-Labor in Riga


Workshop: 27.09.2021 
Mozilla Hubs event: 13.10.2021

For more information, see Goethe-Institut Riga's event page

Golem-Labor in Tel Aviv


Workshop: 9.-10.11.2021 & 6.12.2021
Mozilla Hubs event: 20.01.2022

© Goethe-Institut Tschechien

Golem-Labor in Prague

The experiment began in October 2020 in Prague. A performance, a workshop and a conference examined the relationship between moving bodies, sensory experience and virtual design – creating the first Golem-Labor with a digital festival of VR and dance. 

Partners of the Prague Labor:
Konzervatoř Duncan Centre
Institut intermédií
František Pecháček

Sponsors and supporters:
Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds


Partners and Supporters