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Queer 24© Queer 24

Queer 24

Queer 24 is a collaboration between the Goethe-Institut Czech Republic and the Institut français de Prague. We are joining the mission, to champion the rights of LGBTQ+ people and communities as universal European principles.

Through a variety of events and discussions with experts in music, literature, film, heritage, social sciences, and academia, we will spark conversations and celebrate diversity.

Taking place from March to August 2024 in Prague, we are hosting events in partnership with Czech organisations to bring together French, German, and Czech viewpoints on equality, gender, and inclusion.

The Queer 24 project is co-financed by the Franco-German Cultural Fund.

Queer 24
Goethe Cinema

As part of Queer 24, the Cinema at the Goethe-Institut is screening a number of great German movies with queer themes. The movies are subtitled in Czech and admission is free.

Queer 24
Queer Ear

Join us in celebrating the contributions of queer artists in electronic music and let's demand equality together and loudly.

Queer 24

Queer 24
Queer Heritage Walks

Are you interested in what life was like for gays and lesbians in Prague in both the recent and the distant past? On this history-focused walk with the historian Jan Seidl, co-author of the Queer Prague guidebook, you will be immersed in the queer atmosphere of the interwar period, the Nazi occupation, the Communist regime and the “wild“ 1990s.

 © Goethe-Institut


Wie kann man nicht-binäre und transgender Literatur ins Tschechische übersetzen? Erfahrene Übersetzerinnen diskutieren über die Instrumente der Sprachethik, ihre Grenzen und darüber, wie Sprache Räume für weitere Erfahrungen öffnet.

Lotte van den Hoogen

Queer 24
Lotte van den Hoogen: “Zine Workshop”

A zine (short for magazine or fanzine) is a self-published, often photocopied, non-commercial printed work in small format. In the zine workshop, you can create your own zine using scissors, glue and paper.

  • Queer Heritage Walk © Tansu Yesilkir
    Queer Heritage Walk
  • Podiumsdiskussion: Breaking barriers in academia
    Podiumsdiskussion: "Breaking barriers in academia"
  • Queer Heritage Walk © Tansu Yesilkir
    Queer Heritage Walk


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