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Ta’ziz Partnership

The Ta’ziz Partnership, supported by the Goethe-Institut, aims to strengthen and support civil society actors in Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Mauretania, and Egypt through cultural and educational projects in cooperation with local partner organisations.                       

The project is funded by the German Foreign Office.

The Arabic term ta’ziz (تعزيز) means “strengthening“, “consolidation“, or “solidification“. In this sense, the programme aims to strengthen and consolidate civil society structures and to accompany social processes in the project countries - in a needs-oriented, cooperative, and sustainable manner. To achieve this goal, the Ta’ziz Partnership attempts to promote the cultural and educational sector, to qualify young people and key actors, and network them with each other and with actors from Germany and Europe. The initiatives create spaces for discussion, creativity, innovation, and qualification while encouraging social participation and exchange.
The Ta’ziz Partnership formerly knows as Transformation Partnership or Dialogue and Transition was founded in 2012 in the aftermath of the so-called Arab Spring. 

Ta’ziz Projects in the Region

10 years TP-Anniversary

Interactive Evaluation Methods

Alumni/ae Programme