Multilingual school projects

Are you looking to establish a project with your class that helps students embrace this multilingual and multicultural society, while at the same time respecting the curriculum?
We provide innovative projects in language teaching for the joint learning of foreign languages through the arts, as well as various resources on this theme, a calendar of events (cultural fairs, training, conferences), a forum to exchange ideas. This site is aimed at teachers of English-German ‘classes bilangues’ — a French program which allows students to simultaneously learn two foreign languages ​​from Year 7. However, it can be a source of inspiration for other teachers working within different guidelines. read more...
Artistic and Linguistic Modules
Training modules that have been created specifically for English and German primary and secondary teachers who wish to coordinate their class work. Each module has been tested and evaluated directly with, and by, students.
    Your Bilingual Projects
    Inform us of the projects that you have taken part in or organised in your bilingual English-German class. We will publish some of these projects in this space, thus creating a resource archive that other teaching teams can access and use.
      Here you will find information about bilingual or purilingual classes, official texts, as well suggestions on how to encourage and organise bilingual classes. For more information....