For primary schools

The picture story book Ameisen, die schaffen viel!

© Hariet E. Roth

Starting from a picture story book, we present a holistic approach to language, including activities to motivate young people.

The picture story book Ameisen, die schaffen viel! is designed to be implemented in French pre-school and primary school classes with a multilingual focus or with ‘classes bilangues’.

© Susanne Sternberg

“The picture story book is therefore not only a specific type of picture book, on account of the simple fact that it can be leafed through like a calendar. Much more than that, it can be used as a medium for foreign language lessons in which very young learners can already listen in a new foreign language without having to be active in terms of oral expression. The children, who gather around the book, see the pictures in it while the corresponding text on the flip side is only visible to the teacher. Writing is therefore consciously avoided.” (in: A. Lundquist-Mog, Einleitung zum Klappbuch “Zwei hungrige Würmer” Biblio- & webography)

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