CC Jürg Stuker / Nico HerzogHow do you invite a ‘real’ slammer into your school or organise a slam module with a professional?

The logistics of creating a Slam Module:
(Please Note: the information given here applies to teachers who are planning to create a project in France)

To help you create your SLAM project you should try to:
  • Register the project with the school management team and the teaching team.
  • Try and allocate some of the school’s budget for the project
  • Ask for help from educational charities
  • Ask for help from your local council (youth services or cultural departments at the town hall)
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  • Ask for funds from your local authority
  • Ask for funds from the Ministry of Education and the Minister of Culture
  • Check the Ministry of Education’s website for links
  • Ask for funds from charitable foundations
  • Apply for European funding if the project has Europe-wide partners