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Rubicon - Ngopi© Goethe-Institut Bandung


Platform for interdisciplinary collaboration of art and activism to invent interdisciplinary forms of sustainable solidarity and new practices of collaboration.

About Project


Kotaton ©

More about Kotaton

Kotaton is the second part of Rubicon, our platform for solidarity connections. It aims to bring people from different backgrounds together to imagine and plan innovative collaborations where art and activism intersect. 

Unconferences-Series „Ngopi"

Ngopi 1 explores the definition of a shared collective in the context of an artistic collective and seeks to relate this definition to the influence of the environment on the formation of an artistic collective. © Rakarsa Foundation

More about „Ngopi“

The unconferences-series Ngopi invites multidisciplinary practitioners and the public to further explore challenges and potentials of working collectively on current issues in Bandung.

Referentinnen Ngopi© Goethe-Institut Bandung

Unconferences-Series „Ngopi“

Ngopi invited speakers from various backgrounds, expertise and professions to respond to each theme with their own experience and local knowledge. Ngopi served as a platform for conversations among participants and speakers to present various perspectives concerning the three themes.

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