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In its highly anticipated second year, Festival Alur Bunyi returns with a resounding celebration of local talents and a mission to break boundaries between musical genres. After a successful inaugural season last year, this open-to-all and free-of-charge festival continues to captivate audiences, elevating the vibrant music scene to new heights.

Festival Alur Bunyi 2023 © Goethe-Institut Indonesia / Each Other Company

Festival Alur Bunyi in five minutes

The first time I heard of Alur Bunyi Festival, I immediately sensed that it was going to become the theme park for musicians and artists who sought to showcase their arts beyond their usual tendencies. Through its organizer, the Festival was able to provide the space that inspired new ideas and cross-genre collaborations. This gave performers the license to experiment and push boundaries and being their authentic selves on the Festival’s stage. It was that quality which made Alur Bunyi Festival one-of-a-kind.
Randy Danistha

Ananda Badudu

Ananda Badudu © Ananda Badudu Bandung-based soloist and songwriter Ananda Badudu has been releasing albums and singles since 2012. His maiden album “Angkat Rayakan” was produced by Indra Perkasa and released under Sorge Records in 2021. In the same year, a song he wrote titled “Bangun Bajingan!” was released as one of the soundtracks to the movie “Seperti Dendam, Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas”. Prior to his solo projects, he was known as the guitarist and vocalist of the Banda Neira duo.


Diskoria © Diskoria is a DJ duo performed by Merdi (left) and Aat (right) who played Indonesian Disco Music back-to-back in their performances.


Dongker © Dongker is a Punk band from Bandung which was formed at the Faculty of Art & Design (FSRD) Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). At first they raised the global punk culture of the 70s into their music and visuals from bands such as Protex, Modernettes, The Undertones, Buzzcocks, etc. From these references they released 3 EPs, namely: 1. Demo 2019 (Self-Release on Bandcamp) 2. Upaya Memaki EP 2019 (Greedy Dust & Necros Records) 3. Menghibur Domba di Atas Puing EP 2020 (Greedy Dust & Maldoror Manifesto).


Frau © Wimo Ambala Bayang is the musical space of Leilani Hermiasih, a Yogyakarta-based singer-songwriter. She draws inspiration from the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim, Claude-Michel Schönberg to Regina Spektor, Melly Goeslaw, and Suzanne Ciani. With Oskar, her digital piano, Lani writes songs with minimalistic ambience to be played with a piano and vocals and established Frau in 2008.

Jason Mountario, Sri Hanuraga and Kelvin Andreas . LOVE IS

Jason Mountario, Sri Hanuraga dan Kelvin Andreas . LOVE IS © Jason Mountario Jason Mountario released his debut album ‘LOVE IS’ (03.03.23), together with Sri Hanuraga and Kelvin Andreas. The three of them are a contemporary jazz trio group from Jakarta, Indonesia. LOVE IS is a concept album, wading through seven original compositions, in the realm of the theme of love, encompassing jazz-rock, contemporary classical and free improvisation.

Mantra Vutura

Mantra Vutura © Mantra Vutura Tristan and Zaki have been going to the same school since their fateful meeting during kindergarten, where they clicked instantly. Coming from families with musical backgrounds, the duo eventually went on to form Mantra Vutura. Derived from the words mantra or spells and vutura or future, the duo aims to display the eclectic way music evolves along with human values and bonds that keeps changing with time.


Munhajat © Munhajat a group of youngsters hailing from the city of Bogor, transforms daily life stories and events into lyrics accompanied with the tunes of Indonesian folk music of which the melodies never fail to arouse in their audience the irresistible need to move: a sway of the head, arms, legs, and hips, or as simple as both thumbs.


Wahono © Goethe-Institut Indonesia is a sound practitioner from Jakarta who works in diverse audio and visual forms. He is the founder and creative director of DIVISI62, a sound and visual arts label that explores identity issues, and Indonesian history. Wahono is involved in several projects as a performer, composer, producer and engineer.


Mathces © Mathces Mathces is a solo musician from Blitar, East Java who focuses on exploring the sounds of physical and non-physical instruments, ranging from DIY instruments to computer sounds. He made his debut with the release of the demo single 'Daisy/Dāzē' based on tape loops and a touch of thick guitar atmosphere. Over the past 3 years 'Mathces' has released 2 singles and 1 EP Album.

Sqarpa © Sqarpa Sqarpa is a portmanteau of sequentia + arpeggiare and showcases modular synth performance online. Before eurorack, it was created to relive nostalgic memories by exploring retro-style instruments like nanoloops and Pocket Operators. With an inherent appreciation for contemporary art, sqarpa has delved into Web3, working from patches to pixels, and hopes to unleash sonic and visual journeys through digital artwork.

Aldisaladdin © Aldisaladdin Aldisaladdin, Bandung-based songwriter and musician. Started his modular journey in 2021, which he describes as self medication, meditation, and also the symbol rebellion. Tweaking those knobs can also unleash the beast within me. Making music with Modular Synthesizer is also another way to achieve my freedom of expression, against all forms of fascism, racism, prejudice and authority.

Indra Perkasa © Indra Perkasa Indra Perkasa has started his musical journey since middle school at the age of 12, when he joined the Mandarava Corps Marching Band as a baritone horn player and he has never left music since then. He started his music studies at Institut Musik Daya Indonesia (IMDI) in 2001 and graduated in 2006 majoring in double bass. Having found his roots in jazz music, he has been the bass player of Tomorrow People Bass Ensemble since its founding in 2005.

Hendra Jaya Putra © Hendra Jaya Putra Discokid909 - Hendra Jaya Putra is a well-known figure in electronic music. He is the creative force behind Rock N Roll Mafia, a band that has gained acclaim since their formation in 2002. Hendra is also a DJ and live performer, captivating audiences in various cities. Recently, he has been exploring analog music-making using a modular synthesizer. Performing as Discokid909, Hendra showcases his unique sound and passion for modular synthesizer music.

dedidude © dedidude Dedidude - A self-proclaimed “generalist” in the world of arts and entertainment in Indonesia. Unlimited exploration, discovery of new sounds, and a never-ending curiosity is what keeps his intense passion for modular. Dedidude has been professionally performing modular synthesizers for the last 6 years in a variety of showcases, events, and festivals, and yet, according to this multi-faceted musician, his favourite place to play is within his own studio.

Dissa Kamajaya © Dissa Kamajaya Dissa Kamajaya - Record producer and self-taught musician from Indonesia. Through analog and digital hybrid sounds, he explores a wide range of musical genres including ambient, modern classical, and IDM. His music has also been composed for movie and television soundtracks and commercials. Furthermore, he runs the Future EXP record label specializing in experimental and electronic music.

Klassikhaus, Aning Katamsi, Joseph Kristanto Pantioso, Jonathan Wibowo, Windy Setiadi

Klassikhaus © Windy Setiadi Klassikhaus is a performing art community with its vision to expand public access and bring them closer to classical music by presenting casual recitals in various non-traditional venues and public areas.

Windy Setiadi © Windy Setiadi A multidisciplinary artist, Windy Setiadi earns her Bachelor of Music degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music. She started learning bandoneon in 2016 under the tutelage of Ryota Komatsu. Windy also founded the Klassikhaus and is the sole representative in Indonesia of the historical Universal Edition publisher based in Vienna, Austria.

Aning Katamsi © Aning Katamsi Aning Katamsi received her first vocal lessons from her mother, Pranawengrum Katamsi, and later at Sekolah Musik Yayasan Pendidikan Musik (SM YPM) where she studied under Catharina W. Leimena and Lee Alison Sibley. Aning also trained in piano at the same school under Susiana A. Wibowo and Iravati M. Sudiarso. Today, she conducts piano and vocal lessons at SM YMP and The Resonanz Music Studio, and is the conductor of the Paragita Choir, composed of Universitas Indonesia students.

Joseph Kristanto Pantioso © Joseph Kristanto Pantioso Joseph Kristanto Pantioso started his piano and vocal lessons at Sekolah Musik Yayasan Pendidikan Musik, was instructed by Soetarno Sutikno, Catharina Leimena, Aning Katamsi, and Binu Sukaman. He then continued his vocal training at the Musikhochschule Freiburg under Professors Towako Schöllhorn and Hans Peter Müller. He graduated with Diplom Künstleriche Ausbildung Gesang in 2006. He deepened his training in vocal techniques with Professor Rudolf Piernay. Together with Budi Utomo Prabowo, Joseph founded Sanggar Musicasa in 2007.

Jonathan Wibowo © Jonathan Wibowo Jonathan Wibowo studied under Paulus Kristianto, Carolina Lukito, and Iravati M. Sudiarso at Sekolah Musik Yayasan Pendidikan Musik. He then received a scholarship from the Government of Russian Federation and furthered his study at the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music, Moscow, where he trained under Tatiana Levitina, Sergei Margaritov, Viktor Vlasov, and Irina Silivanova. A winner of several international competitions, Jonathan graduated Cum Laude as Master of Fine Arts.


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