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Sutawan Chanprasert
Digital Discourses

Sutawan Chanprasert Sutawan Chanprasert | © Sutawan Chanprasert is a founder of the Bangkok-based human rights organization DigitalReach, which explores the impact of technology on human rights in Southeast Asia. She previously worked for FORUM-ASIA and Global Freedom of Expression Project at Columbia University. She is a human rights researcher, analyst, and more recently a privacy advocate. Her expertise is how technology affects freedom of expression and information as well as civic space. She is also interested in the development of technology in Southeast Asia, including policies and practices of governments and Big Tech, the effect of emerging technologies, and internet governance. 

Sutawan Chanprasert at our Conference:

Protecting Personal Data and Privacy in Southeast Asia: Going Somewhere or Nowhere  

Panel discussion:
Data Privacy Concepts and Regulation
Moderator: Blandina Lintang Setianti
Guests: Ingo Dachwitz, Sutawan Chanprasert, Wahyudi Djafar, Tony Seno Hartono

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