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Yerry Niko Borang
Digital Discourses

Yerry Niko Borang © Yerry Niko Borang Yerry Niko Borang is an independent journalist based in Yogyakarta. While studying at university, in 1998 he joined the student democracy movement and produced several information bulletins. In 2004 he participated in early meetings to rebuild Indymedia Jakarta. He worked as a radio/web/video journalist for more than six years at Vhrmedia.com. During that time, he also worked with community radio and media networks. In 2010 he joined EngageMedia.org, a non-profit media, technology and cultural organization with a network spanning the Asia Pacific region. For a number of years he has collaborated with organizations and individuals to conduct and facilitate digital security learning events in Asia and beyond.

Yerry Niko Borang at our Workshop: