Village budget transparency with the help of the village information system (SID) – promoting public responsibility

Foto: Dwi Rahmanto 8 Photos The introduction of the village information system on the internet. Dlingo is the first village in Indonesia with a public accountability policy. In 2016 Dlingo was honoured at the Bantul Expo (11 Aug. 2016) and gained even greater recognition. The authorities for telematic data in Bantul also awarded a prize to Dlingo as the village with the best information management system in the district of Bantul. | Photo: Dwi Rahmanto
Dwi Rahmanto
Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA)

In 2012 Bahrun Wardoyo became the village head in Dlingo. In early 2013, on his initiative, Sandigita was founded, a group of young IT savvy people. Dlingo is a cultural village, a village in which traditional values such as art, crafts and architecture are still a reality to the people and part of their daily lives. The village and local government support the dissemination of funds in this area. The village makes 95 million rupiah available.

In November 2014 Dlingo took part in SID training in the district of Bantul as part of the local government program. The SID was supplemented in December 2014 by a community radio station called Sandigita FM (107.7 MHz). A website was also set up:

Thanks to the efforts of the SID, information can be communicated to village residents much faster via the radio station and the website. The village also set up a free Wi-Fi network to “vitalise” the activities of the villagers.

Suwandi, a sate (or satay) vendor, says that he has been instructed in how to use a mobile phone and that it is now easy for him to access the village information system and use the internet. He proposes that posters and signs should be placed in strategic locations in the village in order to further promote budget transparency.
Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA) was established in April 2007 as a charitable organisation. It emerged from Yayasan Seni Cemeti (Cemeti Art Foundation), 1995-2007. 

The IVAA is concerned with archiving while also enabling research in the internet and on its premises in Yogyakarta. The IVAA continues the idea of an alternative space in which the dynamics of contemporary art after the Reformation are nurtured and preserved.

Based on the need for an infrastructure in the field of art outside government institutions and academic circles, the IVAA looks into ways to promote communication amongst artists.
IVAA believes that art – in this case the fine arts – is able to deepen understanding of events in our environment. Critical thinking, expectations and aspirations must be recorded, investigated and reported.