So far, most of the Wikipedia volunteers are autodidacts who use a learning-by-doing approach. A writing and editing manual for Wikipedia has never been released in the form of a book; as a website that constantly changes, Wikimedia Indonesia in the past has faced the challenge of keeping its guidelines in form of a PowerPoint presentation up to date.  

However, after collecting and evaluating all the documents, a new perspective emerged. While it is a fact that the Wikipedia website constantly changes, there are some points that remain unchanged despite the challenges: the volunteers, the idealism of contributing for free, the values of Wikipedia to provide neutral information in a world that is filled with the interests and efforts of advertisers.  

The library of the Goethe-Institut sees great potential in collaborating with Wikimedia Indonesia. There are many topics that can be explored from various sources at the library of the Goethe-Institut for Wikipedia Indonesia. This activity will also strengthen the academic exchange between Indonesia and Germany.