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Knietzsche: Bon Appetit!
Science Film Festival in Indonesia


Knietzsche: Bon Appetit!© Goethe-Institut Indonesien
 Title: Knietzsche: Bon Appetit! Knietzsche Eats
 Original Title: Knietzsche: Prost Mahlzeit! - Knietzsche isst
 Category: Family Edutainment
 Directors: Anja von Kampen
 Produced by: WDR
 Running Time: 10:00 Minutes
 Country: Germany
 Year: 2018
 Age Guideline: Primary School (9-11)
Everyone knows that nutrition is the key to a healthy life. But Knietzsche shares his thoughts in a way so children don’t roll their eyes annoyed. Funny and offbeat, in "Knietzsche and the diet" he thinks about "too much" and "too little" and about animal-loving meat eaters and vegans. Together with our reporter Jasmin, we go on a journey to the places where lunch comes from and look behind the scenes on an organic farm, where she learns everything about what "organic" and "eco" means, and a"vegetarian butcher" explains to her how delicious sausage can taste without animals.