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Yummy - WOW Factor Cooking
Science Film Festival in Indonesia

Yummy - Wow Factor Cooking© Goethe-Institut Indonesien
Title: Yummy - WOW Factor Cooking
Original Title: Family Edutainment
Directors: Peter Rabinger
Produced by: ORF / Tower10 KidsTV GmbH
Running Time: 15:00 Minutes
Country: Austria
Year: 2017
Age Guideline: Primary School (9-11)
In the cooking show for children, chef Alexander Kumptner together with three children's teams, devotes a particular piece of food to each program. Each team can creatively show what can be done with each ingredient. Alex will assist them with tips and tricks. The delicious dishes are then imaginatively prepared and tasted together. In addition, in each episode Alex shows how to make even the most delicious and simple dishes from leftovers, because nothing is thrown away on "Schmatzo." The format illustrates how diverse a food product can be, thus creating a responsible and playful way to handle food.