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Arthouse Cinema

New Arthouse Cinema © Goethe-Institut Indonesien

Since 2012 Goethe-Institut has been screening a broad selection of German and Indonesian feature films and documentaries in the framework of its Arthouse Cinema program.

Because the pandemic situation will presumably prevent this year’s films from being shown in closed spaces in front of large audiences, Arthouse Cinema 2021 will take place in a new format: Films can be viewed on the video-on-demand platform provided by Goethe-Institut.

This year’s program offers 10 feature films selected by Anggraeni Dwi Widhiasih, our guest curator for Arthouse Cinema 2020-2021.

We hope you enjoy reading and watching!

ANGGRAENI DWI WIDHIASIH (Guest Curator)’s statement on ARTHOUSE CINEMA 2021

I have selected 10 films for the program Arthouse Cinema. They are all from filmmakers of the New German Film generation spanning the 1960s to the reunification of Germany in 1989. This time period is closely linked to the events of the Second World War and the years that followed. Germans themselves hardly speak about many things that happened in the past. Even if these things seem to belong to the past, they still influence the fabric of German society today and need to be discussed.

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Film reviews

Ten young writers who have different backgrounds and come from different Indonesian cities - journalists, scientists, bloggers and others active in the film scene - were invited to critically view one film each in the Arthouse Cinema 2021 program and write a review of it.

Film Directors

New German Film stands for the movement and for the spirit of a generation of young directors who rethought and reshaped storytelling. From the 1960s and into the 1980s it explicitly opposed the artistic and socio-political direction that German film had taken. Arthouse Cinema 2021 is screening ten works of six directors representing New German Film.

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Dinyah Latuconsina
Programme Coordinator