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Deutschland-Infos 2
Deutschland-Infos 2 | ©Goethe-Institut Indonesien

The radio programme consists of 9 episodes broadcast in Indonesian, which provide entertaining information about Germany.  The main characters are two Indonesian students in Munich, grappling with everyday life in Germany and their preconceptions about Germans. The experienced Arti and the curious Dian go shopping together, to the doctors and travel on the underground, by train and by car-share.  They experience Christmas, the winter and are surprised at how the Germans treat their pets. Each episode is approx. 9 minutes long.

  Topic   Summary
1 - Shopping In this episode, Arti and Dian go shopping for food in the supermarket.
Episode 1 (MP4, 7 MB)
2 - Health In this episode, Dian catches a cold and goes to the doctor's with Arti.
Episode 2 (MP4, 8 MB)
3 - Infrastructure In this episode, Arti and Dian take the underground to the Deutsches Museum.
Episode 3 (MP4, 7 MB)
4 - Wildlife In this episode, Arti and Dian visit the animals in the English Garden and in an animal shelter. They also visit Arti’s friend Mrs. Kraus, who has a pet cat.
Episode 4 (MP4, 10 MB)
5 - Environment In this episode, Arti shows Dian what is done with household refuse in Germany.
Episode 5 (MP4, 8 MB)
6 - Travel In this episode, Arti and Dian travel by train to Lake Chiemsee.
Episode 6 (MP4, 11 MB)
7 - Traffic Rules In this episode, Arti and Dian take Susi up on the offer of a car sharing.
Episode 7 (MP4, 8 MB)
8 - Christmas In this episode, Arti and Dian experience Christmas in Germany and sing a Christmas song.
Episode 8 (MP4, 11 MB)
9 - Winter In this episode, Arti and Dian experience snow and make plans to go sledging with Matthias.
Episode 9 (MP4, 9 MB)

Project manager
Sabine Rotberg

Jingle: Jasmin Abschütz, Reza G. Soerjadi
Arti: Orion Effendy
Dian: Dewi Maharani
Matthias: Florian Augustin
Susi: Helén Schulze
Herr Müller: Volker Hüneburg
Verkäufer: Robert Reck
Kassiererin: Sabine Rotberg
Wetterbericht: Wolfgang Brehm

Orion Effendy, Ratna Rödelsperger, Luciana Gunawan

Sound effects
Hartono Pangi, Sabine Rotberg

Yovial Tripurnomo Virgi (Oping)

Hartono Pangi

Cutting and Editing
Hartono Pangi, Orion Effendy, Ratna Rödelsperger, Abdullah Sani, Radio Edukasi

Yuliardi Chaniago



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