Eight Reasons to Learn German Online

Unbeatable advantages of our online courses

  1. Freedom You decide yourself when and where you want to learn German. No stuffy rooms or long journeys – only you, your teacher, your fellow participants and German. The intensive course takes thirteen weeks. Every two weeks, there are virtual meetings with the tutors, in which the whole group participates. Of course, you should prepare for these meetings, so you know what the lesson is about and you don’t start floundering. But you are completely flexible when and where you want to work on your assignments: at work during your lunch break or on your couch at home.
  2. Support The online course offers a lot of freedom and yet you are not alone with the foreign language. Each participant is supervised by a tutor who has a course plan for every trimester and regularly reminds you which tasks you should work on this week. Additionally, the tutor is ready to answer all questions within 24 hours, to help with any difficulties or to supply a bonus task when you are already done with your homework. A detailed feedback on the learning material is naturally a matter of course.
  3. Self-discipline It is difficult to imagine a greater challenge than a German Online Course (except perhaps a diet or marathon training) that is based on your own desire and will. You should be disciplined in order to continue your studies, even if there is no permanent control. The Goethe-Institut believes in its students. The important thing is that you also believe in yourself!
  4. Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening In this course, there are not only written tasks on grammar and vocabulary, but also phonetic ones, for example. You record words and sentences, and the tutor corrects your pronunciation. The online program can ask questions while you respond in German. During the course, you practice all the skills – writing, reading, listening and speaking – and the tutor observes whether you have acquired the material correctly.
  5. Teamwork The online course is an ideal solution for individualists. Nevertheless, it is a group course. Thus, there are always tasks that have to be developed together with the other participants. At the A1 level, for example, each student is asked to present their favorite recipe or city, while the other participants make comments about the presentation afterwards. There are other couple and group tasks as well, because languages are best learned together.
  6. Variable Technology You can work on this course on a Windows or Mac computer as well as a mobile device (tablet, smartphone). The program of the online courses is convenient, functional and user-friendly. All you need is an Internet connection and a headset microphone.
  7. Open World The German language opens up new possibilities and enriches your circle of friends. If you are taking part in the online course, you can also use other offers of the Goethe-Institut. Among others, you have access to the Online Library, which boasts a vast collection of different learning materials, films, books and audio recordings that are not only useful but also fascinating. In addition, you can participate in many competitions of the Goethe-Institut and win high-quality prices. Your German course gives you access to a beautiful new world of online and offline activities that are all related to German.
  8. Perspective to pass a language exam The participants of our online courses generally pass the language exams of level A1 because the course also includes tasks that prepare them for the exam. The language skills provided by the course enable the participants to receive the language certificates accordingly. Isn’t this proof of the effectiveness of the online courses?