9 Muses of Star Empire9 Muses of Star Empire
나인뮤지스 오브 스타엠파이어
9 Muses of Star EmpireHark Joon Lee // South Korea // 2012 // 80 min // Original with English sub. // 12+

Thu, 24 Apr • TIM XXI 4 • 21:30
Sat, 26 Apr • GoetheHaus • 15:00*
*Q&A with Min-Chul Kim the producer of 9 Muses of Star Empire after screening

9 Muses of Star Empire, a year-long chronicle that follows the journey of an emerging all-girl pop group 9 Muses, portrays the every-day life of nine girls, relentlessly pursuing their dreams in a world of jealousy, betrayal, and scandal. “9 Muses” aspire to perform on the national stage and gain worldwide fame just like millions of others. For that, the girls have decided to set everything aside and live as one of the muses for Star Empire; the entertainment company which created and coordinates their every move. What price must they pay to fulfill their dreams?

Hark Joon LeeHark-Joon Lee is the journalist who made the heartbreaking docu-reportage series about North Korean defectors Korea: Out of the North. Lee received several prestigious awards for his journalistic achievement including Amnesty International Media Awards and Emmy Awards nomination. 9 Muses of Star Empire is his directorial debut.