Masked Monkey – The Evolution of Darwin's Theory
Masked MonkeyIsmail Fahmi Lubish // Indonesia // 2013 // 110 min // Original with English sub. // 12+

Wed, 23 Apr • Kineforum TIM • 20:00*
Fri, 25 Apr • GoetheHaus • 21:00*
Sun, 27 Apr • Kineforum TIM • 15:00 EXTRA SCREENING
*Q&A with Ismail Fahmi Lubish the director of Masked Monkey after screening

The common opinion concerning Darwin’s theory of evolution is that man originates from the monkey. This film explores the possibility that the two species are actually of the same origin and discovers the similarities between them. The filmmaker takes an extraordinary approach by observing monkey puppet shows in Jakarta. For the show, the puppeteers train their monkeys to act and behave like men. Similarly, men are also trained by their environment and society to act according to certain rules and values. While the puppeteers control the monkeys, the puppeteers are controlled by their bosses.

Ismail Fahmi LubishIsmail Fahmi Lubish, is a director and cinematographer who studied at Jakarta Arts Institute from 1993-1999, majoring in Directing. Since 1998 he has focused on documentary filmmaking. Ismail worked with the renowned documentary filmmaker, Leonard Retel Helmrich as cinematographer for his award-winning films shot in Indonesia.