Lan Yan
Lan YanDanielle Schmidt // USA, China // 2013 // 13 min // Original with English sub. // 12+

International Short
Thu, 24 Apr • TIM XXI 3 • 17:00
Sun, 27 Apr • TIM XXI 3 • 17:00

The rapid increase in prosperity and the modernization of Shanghai has been implemented on a mass scale at the expense of lower-income traditional Chinese communities. Mr. Zhang and his daughter, residents of a Shikumen area known as Lan Yan, reflect upon the sense of closeness and community he and his neighbors have experienced for over a century despite their cramped living conditions. Lan Yan captures the essence of this community as a window in time before the neighborhood is doomed to be swept away by the surrounding high-rise metropolis.

The documentary Lan Yan is made by Pawara Soh, Danielle Schmidt and Jamie Oliveira. They are film students at San Francisco State University. Danielle and Jamie are born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California. Pawara, on the other hand, is originally from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.