Special Features

Dramaturgy I

  • Eko Supriyanto, Credit: Hideto Maezawa and David Fajar
  • Credit: Daniel Kok and Bernie Ng
  • Pichet Klunchun, Credit: Wayla Amatammachad and Nattapol Meechart
  • Arco Renz, Credit: Jean-Luc Tanghe e
  • Jitti Chompee, Credit: Lek Kiatsirkajorn
  • Shaun Parker, Credit: Curtesy of Shaun Parker Company, Blue Love
    Daniel Kok, Credit: Christian Glaus

    Responses from a series of choreographers

    What is the role of a dramaturg and what role does it play in your practice?More ...
    Faith Tan, Photo: LASALLE

    Interview with Faith Tan

    Faith Tan, producer and programer from Singapore???s da:ns Festival in conversation with Tanzconnexions Editor, Jala Adolphus."More ...

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