The Cypher is Hip Hop's most important ritual. It is the arena where b*boys and b*girls test their skills, a circle where style, competition and community exist and evolve. Australian choreographer Nick Power and four world class b-boys open up this circle and invite the public into their world offering an up-close-and-personal insight into this vibrant culture. Nick Power utilises the raw energy of the Cypher, and combines it with a sophisticated choreography which, in addition to the spectacular hip hop moves, emphasizes the bodily formations in the space, individual sequences of movement and direct audience engagement. Accompanied by the beats of sound designer Jack Prest, Cypher is a rigorous choreographic composition about contemporary rituals.
Choreography: Nick Power Website
Performers: B*boys Akorn, Tass, Stevie G and Blue
Production: Britt Guy Website
Sound Design: Jack Prest
Lighting Design: Mirrabelle Wouters

Upcoming European premiere at Tanz im August