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So far away, yet so close© Abeer Aref


In So Far Away, Yet so Close I found myself capturing moments, and conversations, as a tool for memory when loved ones are so far away. The ongoing war in Yemen and the COVID-19 pandemic have made feelings of longing and homesickness that much more present for me. Now, most of my family members live in different parts of the world. The sensations of warmth and beauty in everyday moments continue to act for me, as a reaffirming gesture for the enduring love we have for one another.

  • So far away, yet so close © Abeer Aref

Abeer Aref

Abeer Muadah © Privat Abeer Aref (b.1995, Sanaa) is an artist and architect. Through photography she expresses the beauty in everyday moments. In 2020, she had her first photography showcase entitled ‘JAMAAD’ hosted by the Romooz Foundation in Sana'a. Her latest project ‘Home As Container,’ a collaborative art initiative entitled Met By the Ocean that brings together Yemeni and Dutch artists.
Her work has been exhibited in Sana'a, Dubai and Brooklyn.

She has been mentioned as an emerging artist in i-D, The New Arab and the Middle East Eye.