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Mohammed Abdulkhaleq Tales of the City Stones© Mohammed Abdulkhaleq

Tales of the city stones

Yemeni architecture can be understood as the embodiment of spiritual values that in its highest form attempts to emulate the movement of the human body. In its city planning we see the true representation of closeness, cohesion and unity. Yemeni architects and artists have utilized ancestral knowledge, wisdom and culture in the design of their built environment and surroundings. Based on human scale, its ideals and needs, and without excessive illustration, Yemenis have taken this as a reference to build their dwellings and spaces by themselves in different cities over the course of time throughout different eras.

  • Ola Sanaa © Mohammed Abdulkhaleq

Mohammed Abdulkhaleq

Mohammed Abdulkhaled © Privat Mohammed Abdulkhaleq is a lecturer and Art Director in several Yemeni universities in the field of graphic design and photography. He is also engaged as a Branding Specialist.

In 2014, at the onset of the war in Yemen, he began capturing the Yemeni heritage and diversity in cultures independently through photography. His passion coupled with artistic practice attempted to showcase a different angle to traditional tourist photos of Yemen. Mohammad is considered one of the first Yemeni photographers specializing in ‘Macro photography.’ He particularly enjoys capturing birds and wildlife, which was the recent subject of his talk in ‘Tedx Sanaa,’ and was the Winner of the Yemeni Culture Photography Competition from Al-Tadamun Bank in 2015.