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Henna Gathering© Somaya Samawi

We belong to each other

The series revolves around the daily routines that connect us in spite of cultural and geographical differences. These photos bring together the feelings, and the varying colors that Sanaa the city that inspired her, bringing out what unites Yemenis from all over the republic with different cultures they coexist in, and thrive in. The work documents moments of a henna celebration where women drink tea together and dedicate themselves to their solidarity. The work portrays the beauty in rituals made to make time and care for each other.

  • We belong to each other © Somaya Samawi

Somaya Samawi

Somaya Samawi © Privat Somaya Samawi is an artist and film director. She has participated in many international exhibitions. Currently, she is interested in the production of arthouse films and its relationship to documentary films. Specifically, she seeks to abstract the portrayal of Yemeni culture in film.