Dance New Air 2020->21 Takuya Takemoto
“came to see mountains”

Takuya Takemoto © コムラマイ

10/26 Tue 19:00
10/27 Wed 19:00
※Duration: 60min.

Saal des Goethe-Instituts Tokyo


What does it mean to be? With an awareness of such questions, Takuya Takemoto, who has been repeating his performance of simply being in the space every day with or without an audience, will here present a new work. Using as his stage the auditorium of the Goethe-Institut Tokyo, the largest space in which he has performed to date, Takemoto will experience the space that envelops his body and all the events therein, sharpening all his senses in a one-hour performance.

Performance: Takuya Takemoto
Lighting Design: Go Ogoma
Sound Design: Yoshio Otani
Stage Manager: Takashi Kawachi
Visual Design: Kenta Suzuki
Illustration: Kohei Yoshihara
Lighting support: Mikito Haruta (AIR POWER SUPPLY CO.,LTD.)
Special thanks: Masayo Okano

biography -  Takuya Takemoto