Sound Performance Beuys on/off Sounds of Eurasia presents: Playing Beuys’s Records

Sep 4 (Sat) 19:00
Sep 5 (Sun) 16:00

Goethe-Institut Tokyo

beuys on/off

Tickets can be purchased through Peatix (in Japanese language)

beuys on/off “Sounds of Eurasia” is a project that makes an attempt to build an artist network bridging Europe and Asia through Joseph Beuys’s records. Messages recorded in Southeast Asia become ‘record letters’ and, after stopovers with various musicians are delivered to Japan. The traces of this process are documented on the “beuys on/off” homepage through sound and video files, which form blueprints for upcoming collaborations in the physical space.

“Playing Beuys’s Records”, to be performed at the Goethe-Institut Tokyo over two days in September, is a work targeted at this new network. The Japan-based artists who participate in this event take the vinyl records left by Joseph Beuys as an occasion for communication and through their unique interpretations create new performances. Later, the video documentation of these performances along with the records that were used as references will be sent as ‘scores’ to artists of the network with the aim to trigger performances by new members in varying shapes. It is planned to archive the precious records and catalogues of Joseph Beuys that were collected for this project, at the Goethe-Institut Tokyo, so that anyone can listen to them.

Records are documents of the past. At the same time, listening to them is an experience of „a present which is not the past“. The traces of Joseph Beuys’s sound become the inspiration for these unique musicians and the first step to transmit the linkage of new creativity to Asia. Don’t miss it!
With: Koichi Makigami, Chiho Oka, Makoto Oshiro and dj sniff

Performer's Profiles

Koichi Makigami
Vocalist, Poet. He creates the lyrics and compositions for the Rock Band HIKASHU, of which he is the leader. Known for his virtuosic vocal range and expression, he is also involved with solo works and collaborations employing the Theremin and the Jew’s harp. He is one of the foremost artists of Tuvan throat singing in Japan. His activities as a producer include the sound poet theatre series “Chakulpa”, Jazz Art Sengawa, and Music for the Future among many others. He has released a large number of albums, including solo albums and those with HIKASHU.

Chiho Oka
Chiho Oka is an artist based in Tokyo. She plays a game exploring algorithmic variability or regularities for manipulating human behaviors, conceived from her experience in computer + experimental music. She works mainly in performance, music, mixed media installation, and video.

Makoto Oshiro
For live performances, he uses instruments and implements for playing and composing, which he makes by combining electronic devices, junk, and everyday materials. He also creates installation works using sound, light, and movement. Recently, he also works with Takahiro Kawaguchi and Satoshi Yashiro as a member of the unit “The Great Triangle”.

dj sniff
Turntablist, DJ, curator. Until 2012, he was the Artistic Director of STEIM in Amsterdam, where served as a researcher on electronic instruments at the STEIM studio, curator, and facilitator of the residence program, and executed a large number of concert programs and artistic projects. He moved to Hong Kong in 2017, where he served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media, City University Hong Kong until 2017. Since 2014, together with Otomo Yoshihide and Yuen Cheewai he is the Co-Director of AMF (Asian Meeting Festival) — a festival that aims to bring together experimental music practices in Asia, and has so far been held in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong, amongst others. He also teaches at Kyoto Seika University.