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Newsletter January 2024

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Neujahr 2024

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Season’s Greetings

The team of the Goethe-Institut Myanmar wishes you tranquil moments and heartfelt reflections during this special season. Gratitude abounds for the collaboration and shared experiences throughout the year. May the coming days bring serenity and a gentle sense of fulfillment.

Thank you and best wishes for the holidays and a peaceful and meaningful 2024!
Go Goethe Green!

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Go Goethe Green!

We're thrilled to share exciting news about a new project close to our hearts – Go Goethe Green! 
This project, comprising one-year-long activities, is more than just a new initiative; it's a bold step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future. Central to the initiative is the creation of awareness campaigns and educational programs. These initiatives will equip employees, teachers, course participants, visitors, and partners with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions that align with sustainable practices. Workshops and activities will be organized throughout 2024 to facilitate learning and engagement. 
We encourage you to stay connected through our social media channels to ensure you get all updates and important announcements leading up to this project. 
Join Us on this Journey: Get Involved! We invite each of you to participate in this exciting journey. And stay updated on our upcoming program in the New Year! 

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Job Opening



The Goethe-Institut Myanmar is seeking a dedicated colleague as Press, Public Relations, and Communications Coordinator (30 hours a week) from 01.02.2024. Remuneration according to the local payment scheme. For more detailed information, please check on our website.


AoC trainees' field study

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Practical field study of trainees

Academy of Care

Initiated by the Goethe-Institut Myanmar with funding support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the two-month Academy of Care program is in its second phase. Our esteemed participants have returned to their respective areas and are undergoing an in-depth evaluation of their individual experiences. They are reflecting on the two-week course and exploring new insights with biopsychosocial approaches, empathetic communication, and the development of community theater practices.
In the third and fourth phase, following the field practice, they will all return to the Goethe-Institut Myanmar to present and discuss their findings from the field practice. Local and international experts, along with experienced trainers, will further introduce participants to creative practices such as music therapy. This phase includes hybrid lectures, one-day seminars, interactive workshops, and presentations.
Stay tuned for the announcement of Cohort 2 of the Academy of Care in early 2024. For more information, keep updated through our social media platforms, website, and newsletters.
Exhibition will continue

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Chronicles of Change: Performance Art in Myanmar (1997-2008)

"Explore the captivating world of "Chronicles of Change: Performance Art in Myanmar (1997-2008)"—an ongoing exhibition until January 6, 2024. It showcases performance art videos from 10 artists, contributing to interconnected narratives that reveal the era, including the works of Htein Lin.
Please be aware that the exhibition will be closed on January 4, coinciding with Independence Day and the closure of Goethe-Institut Myanmar. Share the excitement with your art-loving friends and plan a visit at your convenience.

Date: December 15, 2023 - January 6, 2024 (Closed on Sundays and public holidays)
Time: 10 AM to 4:30 PM
Venue: Goethe-Institut Myanmar Auditorium
Take the chance to witness the transformative power of performance art in Myanmar's cultural history.
"Rethink" - ပြန်တွေးမြင်ကြည့်

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"Rethink" - ပြန်တွေးမြင်ကြည့်

A bridge was formed to connect people and memories from the past with present creative individuals. The creative works that resonate from the interrelation formed by this bridge have broken the concept of linear time. The past is no longer confined to history, nor is the present solely here and now.
“Rethink” marks our inaugural display of photographs, paintings, drawings, films, and written pieces, all created through an Open Call to reinterpret the extensive photographic materials of the Myanmar Photo Archive. This opportunity allowed 40 artists and writers to work with photographs and postcards from the collection, applying their craft, rendition, and personal interest to the images' subjects and contexts.
“Rethink” transcends the boundaries of a traditional exhibition. We warmly invite you to engage actively with the artworks, encouraging questioning and sharing your insights regarding what you see, hear, and feel. What does the artwork say to you? What emotions does it make you feel?
This project was made possible by the generous support of the Goethe-Institut Myanmar. We cordially invite you to join us in exploring the intersections of time and creativity as we collectively “Rethink” the artworks that bridge connections from the past to the present.
"Rethink" - ပြန်တွေးမြင်ကြည့်
Date: January 15-31, 2024
Time: 10 AM to 4:30 PM
Venue: Goethe-Institut Myanmar Auditorium
 Sundowner Musical Gathering

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Sundowner Musical Gathering

New Year is coming, and our sundowner musical will be contiued in 2024. Let's spend a leisurely evening with a music performance at Goethe Café Yangon. Join us and enjoy the music. Free Entry!
Stay tuned to our social media channel for detailed information.


German Courses in January

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German Language Courses

Would you like to improve your German language skills in 2024? If so, Goethe-Institut is the best fit for you. Our German language courses are internationally recognized. We use a system based on the six levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, making it easy to start your journey and track your progress. We offer German language courses both online and in-person starting this January. Registration is open from 10.1.2024 to 19.1.2024. For any inquiries, please get in touch with us via info.language.mmr@goethe.de.
German exams in January

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Goethe-Zertifikat Exams

Have you advanced your German language proficiency in the past year? Proof it with an internationally recognised certificate. Goethe-Zertifikat is an internationally recognised certificate to verify your German language proficiency. Goethe-Institut Myanmar is offering Goethe-Zertifikat exams in January! Registration is open from 10.1.2024 - 17.1.2024. Please check our schedule and register via info.language.mmr@goethe.de!


Children's corner

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“Unleashing Fun at the Children's Corner”

In the library's monthly Children and Youth Program, we are thrilled to announce the exciting news about a brand-new realm of enjoyment—the Children's Corner, eagerly awaiting your presence. In January, there will be a "Storytelling" session. A mix of other captivating activities that the children enjoy will be held throughout the year, so everyone stays tuned. For more detailed information, please get in touch with the library via e-mail at biblio-yangon@goethe.de

See you all again in the new year!
Borad Game January

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“Zug um Zug - Deutschland”

How many German cities can you name? Get ready for an epic journey as we explore the cities of Germany – all while having a blast playing "Zug um Zug - Deutschland"!

This time around, our game involves hopping on trains to visit different cities in Germany. The city you go to and the route you take will be determined by the cards you choose. It's a ride full of surprises and fun twists!
If you're up for the challenge and want to level up your German city knowledge, this is the perfect game for you. Register now by sending us an email to biblio-yangon@goethe.de.
LeseClub January

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Hello everyone. It has been exactly one year since we started the “Reading Club” Program, one of our monthly programs at the library. We want to express our sincere gratitude to every participant who joined us and actively engaged throughout this past year.

In this program, those learning German and those who have already mastered the language are welcome to participate. Through this program, you can not only enhance your reading skills and expand your vocabulary, but it will also contribute to improving your thinking skills.

January's “Reading Club” program is tailored for A2 level participants. If you are interested in participating, please register by sending an email to biblio-yangon@goethe.de.
Lernberatung January

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Empowering Your Learning Journey:


With the arrival of the new year, Goethe-Institut Myanmar is gearing up for a series of innovative programs. This year, the "Learning Advisory" Program, held monthly, will introduce a virtual online session, allowing those who cannot visit the library in person to participate and ask questions. In the "Learning Advisory" Program, the "Lernberatung" program will assist you with any challenges you may encounter in your German studies. These issues will be addressed, and recommendations will be provided by a teacher of Goethe-Institut Myanmar.

In this month's "Lernberatung" program, we will delve into essential books, online resources, and tailored recommendations suitable for beginners learning the German language. This program is ideal for individuals embarking on self-study at the A1 level. Please register now at biblio-yangon@goethe.de.
New media Onleihe 15/23

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New media are available in our German Online Library “ONLEIHE”, including works by Max Bronski, Teresa Bücker, Ulrike Draesner, Norbert Frei, Elke Heidenreich, Oliver Hilmes, Volker Kutscher and Ursula Poznanski. Access them free of charge in our ONLEIHE - the German Online Library.


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