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Michael Thielen is Karl Marx double in Trier. He sits in the garden of the Karl Marx House.Photo: Stefanie Preuin © picture alliance / SZ Photo

200 Years Karl Marx

Marxist ideas have played a role in film for more than 100 years, since Marx and his ideas are not just to be found in Germany and the world during the bicentennial year 2018. The self-test "How much Marx is in me?" provides facts for your opinion in this anniversary year.

Self-test “How much Marx is in me?”

By Tom Strohschneider
Illustration: Tobias Schrank


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Marx-Triptychon Kluge Filmstill: © Alexander Kluge

Video art by Alexander Kluge

For Karl Marx's 200th birthday, filmmaker Alexander Kluge has created a video art project: the Marx Triptych.