We simply had to create something different

15 musicians from Southeast Asia met in the Malaysian south of Kuala Lumpur to participate and collaborate in a workshop. The regional project was called “Soundlab”. “In the jungle there is much more melody which leads to a magical atmosphere”, one of the participating musicians describes the productive working atmosphere during the project.

Participants composing a song during the workshop Participants composing a song during the workshop | © Goethe-Institut The participants of the 10 day workshop came from ten different countries from Southeast Asia, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. The artists were of diverse musical backgrounds and contexts with a vast variety of styles. They included electronic and experimental genres, songwriters and even a member of a punk band in Myanmar was there. The artists collaborated, composed and recorded analogue-digital music in two ad-hoc studios. The collaboration project peaked in a joint musical performance and concert in Kuala Lumpur. Project partners were Malaysian “Detour Asia” and “Border Movement” from Berlin, as well as the Goethe-Instituts in the region.
An intense press campaign by the Berlin agency “initialslp” led to articles on online platforms and digital music magazines in Germany, the UK, Malaysia and the United States, giving the project international awareness and recognition. In Germany the renowned platform “Electronic Beats” reported about the “Soundlab” project, as well as the “lowdown magazine”, “kaltblut-magazin”, “famemagazine” and “brooklynradio”.

Public showcase and concert in Kuala Lumpur Public showcase and concert in Kuala Lumpur | © Goethe-Institut The end product of the collaboration is a CD with 11 tracks and a 30-minutes documentary by Lisanne Schulz from Berlin. Electronic elements connect all the diverse music genres and styles. The video not only showcases the music, but also provides interviews of the artists and gives insights into their respective situations in their particular countries. The CD and film have been launched within the framework of “Soundlab 2016: Retrospectives in Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Singapore and Yangon”.

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