Conversation with Neighbours

Archive of Forgetfulness © Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

Archive of Forgetfulness presents Conversations with Neighbours, a podcast series. The conversations will explore, among other themes, art in times of crisis, questions around memory and archival absences, and the possibilities and limitations of translation. You will hear from artists, musicians, curators, researchers and theatre-makers in Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Sudan. The conversations interrogate ways of narrating movement across borders, suggesting a re-mapping of relations across the continent, north and south, east and west, home and away.
EPISODE 1: THE ARCHIVE IS A PORTAL FOR RE-IMAGINATION EPISODE 2: Art in Times of Crisis EPISODE 3: What personal and political histories emerge via infrastructures of mobility? Epsiode 4: What remains of the political and cultural ideas that imagined the African continent as the ‘utopia of a borderless world’? Episode 5: How are larger histories of non-alignment, anti-colonial revolt and pan-africanisms inscribed into the landscape? Epsiode 6: What do lines of flight reveal of our shared planetary futures? Episode 7: How might the global Swahili worlds reframe our thinking of connections across waters? Episode 8: How might we trace the afterlives of the trans-Saharan trade routes of the 8th century?