Eco-Recovered Tote Bag Training

Eco-Tote Training Group Photo with Bags © Goethe-Institut / Olajide Oluwatosin

One day workshop on sustainable waste management, recycling and environmental protection. 

Environmental protection, sustainable waste management, and recycling are topical issues that should not be neglected because results of their adverse effects can be disastrous. The unimaginable consequences of neglected waste management are evident in many countries across the world. Nigeria is not exempted.  
This is why it is important that measures are put in place to create and maintain a sustainable waste management and recycling culture in the society. The reusable tote bag training is an initiative of The Eco Recovery Management Limited Nigeria which focuses on upcycling, recycling and waste management. As the young ones have always been identified as agents of change, the reusable tote bag training was designed for school children, who are passionate about environmental topics. 25 German language learners at the Partner School Akin Ogunpola Model College AKinale Ewekoro Ogun State took part in the training. The participants were identified as “Multipliers of Sustainable Waste Management”. Below are some of the tasks that are committed to them:
  • dissemination of the acquired knowledge and information to other students
  • collection of used bottles around the school and from their different homes
  • proper handling of the reusable waste collection bags  
  • Eco-Recovered Tote Bag Training © Goethe-Institut / Olajide Oluwatosin

  • Eco-Recovered Tote Bag Training © Goethe-Institut / Olajide Oluwatosin

  • Eco-Recovered Tote Bag Training © Goethe-Institut / Olajide Oluwatosin

The eco-recovered tote bag training exposed the participants to costless sustainable recycling methods that reduces waste accumulation and nurture their creativity.Just as tote bags can be made from old rice bags, unused clothing materials can be turned to useful household materials with the aid of affordable and easy to handle set of equipment.
Each participants made a tote bag during the workshop, and presented it at the end. All of them participated with excitement and were grateful the chance to be a part of this environmentally-conscious experience.